GY Computing – Terms of Service:

(Updated May 2022)

GY Computing Ltd:  (SC644095)

Registered Address: C/O Dylan Associates, 0/2 780 Crow Road, Glasgow, Scotland, G13 1LX

GY Computing prides itself in customer service. Our service is designed to be as customer-oriented as possible, however, we do implement strict policies to make our service as fair as possible. Please read below.


GY Computing offers a 6-month warranty which is effective from the date the repair is fixed. There is no option to extend this, and the term is non-negotiable.

The warranty will not cover certain circumstances including:

  • Temporary Fixes: Any temporary repairs, such as adhesive fixes, are excluded from our 6-month warranty. These temporary solutions may be employed in situations where a new part would be recommended to address an issue, but to accommodate cost-saving considerations, we opt for a temporary fix, such as using super glue to secure a loose hinge. However, it is important to note that these temporary fixes do not come with a guarantee of long-term effectiveness and are therefore exempt from our warranty coverage.
  • Customer negligence – e.g. if we fit a screen, and you break it again within the 6-month warranty
  • Other components failing – for example, if we have fitted a new hard drive in your computer, and your motherboard breaks, we will not be responsible for the replacement of this part, and it will incur a separate fee to repair this.
  • Computer slows down – if we have optimised your computer to increase its speed and it slows down again within 6 months. GY Computing will make every effort to teach you how to keep it optimised using our select range of tools
  • Viruses – if we remove viruses, and you are reinfected within 6 months
  • Windows Software Issues – If a different operating system issue occurs to what was repaired previously
  • Any data that is not declared to us (for backup) will be deleted from your hard drive if reinstallation is necessary. We are not responsible for any data deleted if you have not told us exactly what you need to be saved.
  • Requests out with the original scope of the job. For example, if the job was to install a new hard drive and Windows 10, GY Computing will, unless instructed by the user, not install any additional software, or drivers and this will be YOUR responsibility. However, we are happy to configure and test your system, for an additional fee. We will not be held responsible if we complete one job, and you require additional work you have not told us about e.g. a printer to be reinstalled. This will incur an additional fee.

Billing and Payments:

Payment is due on completion of the work. Cheques are not accepted, except within a business environment.

Withholding payment or cancelling a payment will result in the reversal of the service offered (e.g. the uninstallation of software) and may result in court action via a Small Claims Court. This will be the last resort and will occur after repeated attempts to collect payment. The customer will also not be entitled to utilise the services of GY Computing in the future.

Our prices are non-negotiable and fully available on our website. However, we appreciate some jobs are of a complicated nature, and we will be happy to provide a quote over the phone. We only offer discounts on occasions e.g. where we have failed on our promises to the customer, and it is of a mutual agreement that a discount/compensation should be paid. GY Computing will not charge any extra than the agreed amount, and the customer will be fully informed of this price.

We do not operate a “No Fix No Fee” policy. We charge a £30 diagnostic fee for all onsite (home/office) repairs if the repair does not go ahead. If we have been unable to resolve your issue, we will inform you of that and will charge a diagnostic fee of £30 for time, and travel. We will, however, advise you on the next best steps. This fee will also apply if you decide to terminate the service.

For example, if your Operating System is causing issues, and the only way GY Computing can see a resolution working is a full reinstallation, and you decide not to proceed, even though we have tried various solutions, we will still charge a £30 diagnostic fee automatically. Reasons for not proceeding with the repair may vary.

If you are not present at the agreed time of arrival, GY Computing reserves the right to invoice you for the agreed amount, however, we may waive this if you rearrange, although will add a small £10 fee for petrol.

If you have been dissatisfied with our service in any way, we would advise you to speak to us first, so we can offer a resolution. If we have implemented a fix, and this hasn’t worked, we will not refund you if there is evidence you have attempted to fix this yourself or have hired another professional to fix this. We never guarantee a fix and will always follow a robust troubleshooting process to ensure we fully resolve your issue.

If a fault develops after we have confirmed a repair with you and given you back your computer/device, please contact us and we will try to repair this for you again as part of our warranty of repair. We do not offer refunds if we fail to repair your computer/device.

Even though we may attempt to fix an issue, there are occasions where we will help, and may not be able to find the correct solution. This is extremely rare; however, we are not perfect. Where our service was insufficient, GY Computing will find a resolution with the customer. However, we ask you to contact us asap, as this offer of goodwill will not extend past 1 month from the initial appointment.

Hours and Operation:

The same day service is not guaranteed. The average waiting time for an appointment is 2-3 days.

Our average repair time is approx 1 week.

After-hours calls are not accepted under any circumstances. You may still text, email or book an appointment.

GY Computing always offers a 2-hour window and will make contact if we are unlikely to make it within the window. We cannot offer discounts if we are running late, as we may get delayed at clients’ houses/businesses on issues that take longer than the estimated time slot made.

Unexpected customers to our offices are not allowed. We only offer home repair services. We are not insured for taking customers to the specified addresses on our website. We can take your computer in for repair, but only with your mutual agreement.

Uncollected Equipment:

As we offer a home/office pickup service, any uncollected components or computers that we have tried to contact you about, and have not been collected by you (or you are unresponsive), will be disposed of after 30 days.

Defamatory comments/reviews:

We would kindly ask, before leaving negative reviews that we are given the opportunity to resolve your dissatisfaction with our service. We reserve the right to report any reviews that are not linked to a verified customer, are false in nature, or contain inappropriate content.

Any misleading, false, or malicious comments left on review websites for GY Computing may result in Defamation of Character Proceedings via the Scottish Courts against the individual responsible. GY Computing will appoint Lawyers in this instance. However, we will attempt to resolve this with you beforehand.

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