Computer Repair FAQ

All repairs will always be explained in a non-technical manner, with no jargon!

Do you have an hourly rate?

No! Unlike other computer companies, our jobs are fixed price. Therefore, if you are quoted £60 for a job and it takes significantly longer than estimated, you will not be billed anything additional. This also saves you from getting a nasty bill at the end! We believe that this makes us one of the most affordable computer repair companies in the market. In some cases, you may pay less than what you are quoted if the time to repair your computer is less than anticipated.

What areas do you operate in?

We work across Glasgow and surrounding areas. Additional areas also include some parts of Dumfries and Galloway (Stranraer area), Stirling, and the outskirts of Edinburgh. The good news is that we will repair your computer on-site, and if necessary, collect/drop it back off free of charge.

Are you open on bank holidays?

Yes! Except for Christmas and New Year.

Do you hold liability insurance?

Absolutely! The insurance covers us for £1,000,000 of liability. We are happy to disclose this certificate if requested.

What if you need to take the computer away?

Don’t worry! Our aim is to finish all jobs within 24/48 hours (where parts are not needed). The last thing you want is to be without a computer for a long time. In some scenarios, we can install temporary components such as fans, memory or graphics cards, whilst we wait for the part to be delivered! No one wants to go without their PC, and we don’t want you to be inconvenienced. This is just another way we truly go that extra mile!

Do you deal with commercial businesses?

Yes, we do! We cater to smaller SMEs. Sadly, we are unable to work on such equipment as servers, or computers joined to a domain network. This is something we will offer in the future. Typical businesses we have worked with include hairdressers, nursing homes, hotels, and beauty salons.

Do you charge a diagnostics fee?

We don't charge a separate call-out fee to visit your home/office. However, if we do charge a diagnostic fee. For example, we diagnose your computer problem and if you decide you don't want us to repair your computer or it only requires a simple part to be ordered by you, then we will charge a minimum diagnosis fee to cover our time, advice and travel regardless.

What jobs tend to be done offsite?

This really depends on the type of computer issue. Usually, we will take the computer away if we forecast the repair will take several hours (we don’t want to disrupt your day too much!), or the computer needs a part (however, we are happy to fit a replacement component to get you going whilst the part is in order if you wish).

I’m worried about my data being lost. What measures do you take to protect it?

To us, data is like currency! We take people’s data extremely seriously and will make sure that a backup is made before we commence any work that may pose a threat to your data e.g. replacing a hard drive, attempting to solve Window’s operating system issues etc. We always recommend making a backup before we arrive, if this is possible.

Every company says they are customer-centric. Why are you different?

We don’t just preach this. We make sure that our customer-centric attitude is present, from the initial call-out to our after-care service. What are some of these behaviours? Handshake on arrival, being very chatty, always having a positive attitude, communication throughout the process and after, reliability, and service with a smile! We also want to serve your best interests, and If this means recommending a new computer to save you money in the long term, we will be upfront about this.

Can you carry out remote work?

Yes! This is something that has been used with many customers and has worked very well. Our preferred program is “Team Viewer”, which allows us to control your desktop as you watch. We will speak to you throughout and let you know what we are doing so you are kept in the loop. However, this is usually only carried out with customers we visited before and have a trusting relationship with. Sorry!


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